1:1 Chromebooks

Students at Pontiac429 have the opportunity to engage in the school district's one-to-one initiative. The initiative is intended to provide our students with access to the most current technologies available to the 21st century classroom.

ChromeBooks have been selected as our platform for student learning. Our devices are protected by both our onsite content filter and through our SecUrly filter offering students a dual layer of protection. Every student in the district from K-8 benefits from individually assigned assets while students in grades 6-8 are able to take their district device offsite into their home environment.

The deployment is ever changing and below are quick examples of the devices in action.

Central School

Students are continually growing in confidence with the Chromebooks. New applications are utilized daily. With the Chromebook technology in the classroom students are very motivated and engaged to learn and teachers regularly discover strategies to further differentiate their instruction.

Lincoln School

Chromebooks have been a wonderful addition to Lincoln School. The 2nd grade students use the Chromebooks every day to enhance lessons. Students know how to navigate Google Classroom, QR Codes, and many educational websites. Technology is increasingly valuable and the Chromebooks have helped prepare students for the demands of the 21st Century. Students have learned how to type in Google Docs, increase font size, change the font, create slides, insert pictures and the list continues. Teachers appreciate the value of Chromebooks in the classroom!

Washington School

Having 1:1 with Chromebooks has improved teaching and learning a great deal. Chromebooks are used often throughout the day and mix well with traditional teaching strategies. Student engagement has increased notably, and they are able navigate many programs and applications. With our reading and math centers approach the technology component fits in nicely. This enables student instruction to be differentiated throughout the day. Chromebooks have been a wonderful addition to our school.

Pontiac Junior High

Having 1:1 Chromebooks has allowed our teachers and students to have access to more resources than ever before. With the abundance of applications and programs that are available, teachers can differentiate learning and adjust pacing to meet the needs of all students. Students have truly shown an increase in engagement since the Chromebooks have been included as a learning resource.